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Aug 7
What i have left today…….. email me for prices.

What i have left today…….. email me for prices.

Introducing The Protection Locket from Scavenger.

i only have 2 left of these! they are going really fast email me if you would like one! they are free to ship worldwide, and come with a free gift of your choice, a bracelet or necklace!!



These lovely little lockets are not only cute but are sure to keep you feeling nice and safe. All lockets come with a real wolf claw (for protection) and blend of herbs used for a protection spell. These lockets are £35.00 and free shipping worldwide + a free gift from me. They are handmade and one of a kind! Please email me for info. There is only 5 left at the moment.

My friend makes sweet stuff. Dipped in genuine unicorn tears. Buy that shit!

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